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Looking for a hair braiding salon that can slay your box braids, cornrows, and faux/goddess locs in Houston ? You’ve come to the right place. When deciding to get a protective style like braids, twists and locs, its important to choose a natural hair braider who understands executing a neat style without compromising the health of your hair and scalp.

Braiding Kingdom for Queens!


Are you looking for a hair salon in Houston that is both professional and comfy? If this is the case, then look no further. Our salon is the one for you. We are able to provide you with any service you need, from twists to braids to locs. We will transcend your expectations and give you the hairstyle of your dreams. Your hair is an essence of who you are. Our salon will provide you with the hairstyle you need to freely express yourself. Whether you want to stick to your old styles that you're comfortable with or experiment with a new style, we are able to meet your needs.

Services We Provide

We offer a plethora of hairstyles for you to pick and choose from. From braids to twists to locs to even crochets, we have it all. Box braids, knotless braids, spring twists, lemonade cornrows, butterfly locs, soft locs, and even individual crochets are just some of the many hairstyles that you can have from the comfort of our salon. Leave our place looking amazing and feeling even more amazing.

We also offer you private hair braiding classes to share our knowledge with you. You can become your own hairstylist and do simple braids from your own household. Calling and booking may be a pain sometimes, so we will give you the skills you need to do your hair on your own. Moreover, we teach about using the best hair products, hair gels, and hair oils to teach you how to properly take care of your hair.

Featured Services
Mens plaits

Loc retwist and style

starting at: $130

Loc retwist & style

Jumbo Knotless braids

starting at: $190

Knotless braids

Stitch braids

starting at: $80

Stitch braids

Micro locs

starting at: $1000

Soft locs

Large soft locs

starting at: $250

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese/Havana twists

starting at: $280

Stitch braids

Boho stitch braids

starting at: $120

We will make sure you pick the best hairstyle that suits your personality. Our stylists are more than happy to serve you and meet your needs.

Why Choose Us

We offer various services not only for women, but also for men and children. Our professional hair services will give you everything you need and more. You won't feel out of place at our salon, as we try to make you as comfortable as possible and meet all of your needs. We are just a phone call away, so what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today! We can't wait to have you and take care of your hair for you.

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Braiding Kingdom for Queens!
Braiding Kingdom for Queens!

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Do not hesitate to contact us or pass by our salon and have a talk with our stylists and get to know us. If you are unable to do any of those, you can simply just book your appointment online and we will be more than happy to see you and meet with you when we can. We cannot wait to welcome you to our salon, discuss what hairstyle you would like to get done, and have you relax while we do all the hard work. Looking so pretty has never been so effortless, so make sure to come to our salon as soon as you can. We are so excited to have you.

Our customer service is top-tier, and we strive to make sure that you are as comfortable and satisfied as can be. The relaxing hair care day of your dreams is so easily obtained at our salon, so what are you waiting for?


We are open 7 days week salon hours 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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