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If you're thinking about making a change in your life but you have some self-doubt, this is your sign to do it with your very own STARTER LOCS. It hits different when your hair starts to loc!

Starter locs, also known as the baby stage of locs, are the starting phase of the loc process that can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows.

Starter locs are amazing because there are several styles that you can enjoy choosing from to start off your locs, such as braids, two-strand twists, comb, coils and palm rolls. And you will definitely get the chance to see the difference in your after day 1 and month 1. Many agree that it is so satisfying and many people even enjoy noticing their hair growth and change! These twists are very simple to install and do not take much time as other types, and you can fix them easily if they unravel; however, it takes too long for your hair to start looking like locs, so the looking process is quite slow in some styles. If you have short hair, the comb starters tend to stick up and don't lie flat straight away, but we can definitely fix this issue by pulling the comb to get them flat.

Haven't you been excited enough to get to know the techniques of braiding starter locs! The process is pretty straightforward: our hairstylists will start by preparing the materials together for quick braid, then will start on freshly washed starter locs. After that, the stylist will select first loc to braid (pull out one loc and tie up the rest of the section leaving only the one loc out). Then, the braiding hair will be hold at the base of the loc, and the crossing process will come after, so the stylist will cross and wrap the braiding hair and continue doing so until the entire head is braided. And there you are to your new starter loc journey!

Starter Locs

As usual, Feminine attractions and our hairstylists would never let you go before providing specific care strategies to encourage health and length retention, since starter locs are high maintenance at first, so as you begin your starter loc journey, you should consider these some tips shared by our hairstylists; so first you need to allow it to grow with little manipulation, because they are most frail in their initial stage, so it's important to touch your hair less and allow it to grow freely. Also, you should use small amount of hair products at this stage, because the excessive use of these will cause it to unravel, but it is recommended to use natural oils since they will prevent your locs to get dry and will help your scalps to maintain moisture. It is also essential to pay attention to the frequency of wash days, so you need to wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy, but if you want to maintain the formation of the locs and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged.

Starter Locs

It goes without saying that locs need a lot of maintenance, care, and attention to properly maintain them and not ruin your hair.

01.Cover your hair in the shower: use a cloth and showercap to cover your hair when you shower to make your twists last longer. Avoid using an all plastic cap because it will cause your hair to curl up from the steam in the showercap. Washing your hair frequently means that you will have to retwist your hair more often. To maintain your locs for as long as possible, avoid hot showers to avoid exposing your hair to steam, and get a hair bonnet or silk scarf to cover your head beneath a showercap.
02.Always use a hair scarf when you go to bed: tie your hair with a scarf during the night or simply use a bonnet to protect your hair.
03.Always make sure your hair is completely dry: take your time drying your hair. You should first dry the back of your head and the outer layers of your locs. To make sure your hair is completely dry, squeeze your locs.
04.Cover your hair from the rain: naturally curly hair tends to retwist when exposed to water, including rainwater. Simply take an umbrella with you and cover your head using a silk scarf to protect your hair.
05.Moisturize: use gels and creams to keep your hair healthy and vitalized.


A retwist isn't just calling your name, it is hollering it!

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