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Another protective hairstyle that also dates back to 3000 BC, is the feed in braids. They have a similar history to the traditional cornrows that have the pattern of cornfields. As their name implies, it is a technique of braiding with feeding in extra hair for a thick cornrow appearance. These braids were worn originally by the indigenous people of Africa. So they hold a very sentimental connection to African history. It is a highly symbolic hairstyle which expresses centuries of struggle but also resistance. They also celebrate the victory and freedom of all Africans.

Feed in braids can be done in two ways at Feminine Attractions in Houston. They can be achieved by either using the underhand or the overhand technique. This hair style is the perfect choice for you if you are short on time and don't wish to spend a full day in a salon styling chair. The installation of the feed in braids takes from four to six hours. It is an efficient and smart styling option since it will save you time and protect your hair from damage and breakage. Feed-in braids are not a long-term commitment so they are a perfect option for you ladies who like to constantly renew your look. They last for a maximum of two to six weeks, on average, so if you are looking for a longer commitment this protective hairstyle is not the one for you. It is important to have your feed-in braids done by an experienced professional at Feminine Attractions, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. If your feed-in braids are installed incorrectly, they can put a lot of pressure on the hair follicle, which will lead to hair loss and itchiness of the scalp. This is why you must wash your hair and use a deep conditioner regularly in order to keep it moisturized.

How are feed in braids installed? First, the hair stylist will braid your hair then add synthetic hair to achieve the desired look. This can be done through box braids and knotless braids. The end result will be a look that gives you great strength. It will also connect you to the great power of your ancestors, their resistance and their fight for freedom. There is nothing more empowering than getting exotic extra-long hair while protecting it and looking gorgeous at the same time .

Feed-In Braids
Feed-In Braids

Feed in braids are very versatile; you can style them in a bun, a ponytail or half up and half down. They are not just thick cornrows; they can be as diverse as you want them to be. Our professional team at Feminine Attractions in Houston will collaborate with you to get the desired look you are going after. Our stylists will take as much time as it takes to listen to you and co-create your dream braids. At Feminine Attractions, you'll feel like you are among friends. Our goal is to give you complete comfort and provide you with the best braids, because if you're happy, we know we've done our job right!

Feed-in braids are the most suitable protective hairstyle for all hair textures. IF your hair is course, make sure your hair is straightened to make the braiding process easier.

Once your feed in braids have been installed by our skilled hair stylists at Feminine Attractions, our qualified hairstylists will make sure that you know exactly how to take care of your newly installed smooth feed in braids. Luckily for you, feed in braids is a low maintenance protective style. Our stylists will help you maintain your feed in braids with a few easy steps. You are recommended to cleanse them by rinsing the scalp once every two weeks with suggested hair products to keep your scalp's pH balanced. You can hydrate the hair beneath by applying oil to the scalp that will seal in moisture and nourish new growth when the braids start to weigh on your roots. Always be very careful to remove all residue on the scalp. And like with other braids and loc styles, you'll need to use a satin bonnet at night to prevent messing up your braids. At Feminine Attractions we also recommend that you finger detangle your braids to prevent them from sticking together. You can also use scissors to cut away any stray hairs in order to keep your new look nice and neat.

Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas is here to serve all your braid and locs needs. Let our professional braid stylists help you install and maintain the feed braids dreams are made of. Feel free to call us or email us to book an appointment or consultation today!

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