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Micro locs are locs that are a fraction of the size of ordinary locs. The diameter of mature conventional locs is about the same as a pencil. Hence, the size of micro locs can range from the diameter of a shoelace to that of a drinking straw.

Micro locs don't use any chemicals or abrasion to harm your scalp or strands, making it excellent for thin hair. A micro-sized loc isn't bound to fail on its own.

Your micro locs can either be done with braiding machine or the traditional manual process of interlacing three or more yarns or bias-cut cloth strips in a diagonal pattern to make a narrow strip of flat or tubular fabric. While interlocking is how micro locs begin, not all locs may begin with interlocking! Interlocking also provides a well-defined and instant loc. Furthermore, you can keep interlocking new growth, and the line between your new growth and the beginning technique locs will be invisible. However, because interlocking can be time-consuming, some people may prefer to combine it with other strategies. Starting your micro locs with twists, braids, or a combination of the two is a terrific way to go. Braids make it less probable for your ends to unravel, and your hair shrinks less. Twists are a quicker method, although they may result in some unraveling and shrinkage. However, twists have the advantage where you can easily undo individual twists when you start if you feel you made a part too big or small. You can start your locs with two-strand twists.

Micro Locs
Micro Locs

Just like traditional locs, microlocs go through four stages when its comes to their maturing:

01.Starter loc or baby loc stage: this consists of establishing the parting of the hair and the locs
02.Budding or teenage stage: here, the hair begins bud and mat. You may notice some frizzing and swelling
03.Shooting or adult stage: the locs may swell to be double their size
04.Contracting or elder stage: the hair is dense, your ends become properly sealed, your hair doesn't get frizzy anymore and your hair starts growing exponentially


As usual, our hairstylists at Feminine attractions would never let you leave before providing specific care strategies to encourage your hair's health and length retention, since starter goddess locs are high maintenance at first. For this reason, as you begin your starter goddess locs journey, you should consider some tips shared by our hairstylists: you first need to allow it to grow with little manipulation because your locs are the frailest in their initial stage, so it's important to touch your hair as little as possible and allow it to grow freely. Moreover, you should use a very small amount of hair products during this stage because the excessive use of these products will cause your locs to unravel. However, it is recommended to use natural oils since they will prevent your goddess locs from getting dry and will help your scalp maintain its moisture.

It is also essential to pay attention to how often you wash your hair, as you need to wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy. However, if you want to maintain the formation of the goddess locs and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged and preferred.

It goes without saying that locs need a lot of maintenance, care, and attention to properly maintain them and not ruin your hair.

01.Cover your hair in the shower: use a cloth and showercap to cover your hair when you shower to make your twists last longer. Avoid using an all plastic cap because it will cause your hair to curl up from the steam in the showercap. Washing your hair frequently means that you will have to retwist your hair more often. To maintain your locs for as long as possible, avoid hot showers to avoid exposing your hair to steam, and get a hair bonnet or silk scarf to cover your head beneath a showercap.
02.Always use a hair scarf when you go to bed: tie your hair with a scarf during the night or simply use a bonnet to protect your hair.
03.Always make sure your hair is completely dry: take your time drying your hair. You should first dry the back of your head and the outer layers of your locs. To make sure your hair is completely dry, squeeze your locs.
04.Cover your hair from the rain: naturally curly hair tends to retwist when exposed to water, including rainwater. Simply take an umbrella with you and cover your head using a silk scarf to protect your hair.
05.Moisturize: use gels and creams to keep your hair healthy and vitalized.
Micro Locs

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