Lemonade Cornrows Braids

Without a question, celebrities and bloggers have a significant influence on beauty trends. All of our favorite stars walk down the red carpet and upload pictures on their social media accounts wearing new styles which will turn into trends in a blink of an eye. Back in 2016 everyone was amazed by the gorgeous lemonade cornrows from the red carpet and till today, everyone still wants to rock this look.

Lemonade Cornrows

Lemonade braids are basically made of long cornrows. Several cornrows run from your hair line across your head in different shapes and this is what distinguishes them from the traditional cornrows. Lemonade braids are a form of braids, popular among black women's hairstyles. Beyoncé was one of the most important people in pop culture in 2016, and she not only had a top-selling and socially relevant album with Lemonade, but she also wore this beautiful braid in the video for "Formation." Lemonade braids became popular and were put on the radar after Beyonce rocked them in her 2016 visual album, Lemonade, and ladies continued to request them at hair salons nationwide!

The installation takes only a few minutes. Depending on the type of Feed-in braids you have, this style might take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete. If you don't want to spend half your day in a salon chair, this is ideal. It's a fantastic way to add some protection to your look. Feed-in braids are a good choice if you want to avoid having to style your hair for a while. The braids also protect your natural hair because it is a protective style. While your hair is in a low-manipulation state, it has the opportunity to bloom and develop without the usual damage that comes with everyday styling, and it isn't a long-term commitment. Although this can be a disadvantage for people aiming for a long-term look, it is still worth enjoying it while the trend is still alive; the trend isn't going to stay for long.

Traditional feed-in braids are only good for two weeks on average because by this stage your roots will have developed and your hair braids will be looser. Because feed-in braids should be slick, this will affect the original freshness of the style, so this may not be the ideal option if you're searching for a long-term protective style.

Also, this might not be the ideal option for people with sensitive scalps. Feed-in braids can easily get way too tight if they aren't installed well. Poor installation will put extra strain on your hair follicles, potentially resulting in damage. This can be problematic for sensitive scalps even with proper installation, so opting for a different braid style would be better for sensitive scalps.

First of all, hair should be shampooed and conditioned. All braiding methods benefit from a good wash routine. Because braids are typically worn for weeks at a time, it's important to keep your hair clean before styling. To eliminate grime, oil, and styling products from the hair and scalp, use a clarifying shampoo. Conditioner hydrates your hair; focus on the ends, which are usually the driest.  Apply a deep conditioner to your hair from root to tip and leave it on for at least 20 minutes.  Your hair will be shinier, suppler and hydrated as a result. Deep conditioners may contain ingredients that assist in keeping water from escaping the strands rapidly, allowing your hair to stay hydrated for a longer period of time.  Next, use a rat-tail comb, create a portion of hair in the front, as you braid, add a segment of hair extensions and as you cornrow to the right side of your head, keep adding hair extensions. Finally, repeat the parting and braiding procedure for a fresh portion.

Our experienced hair stylists at Feminine Attractions will never let you leave without providing specific care strategies to encourage health and length retention.

Lemonade Cornrows

Since starter lemonade cornrows are high maintenance at first, as you begin your starter lemonade cornrows journey, you should consider these important tips shared by our hairstylists.  First, you need to allow it to grow with little manipulation, because they are most frail in their initial stage.  It's very important to touch your hair less and allow it to grow freely. Also, you should use a minimal amount of hair product at this stage, because the excessive use of these will cause it to unbraid.  We do recommend the use of natural oils since they will prevent your lemonade cornrows from getting dry as well as help your scalp to maintain moisture. It is also essential to pay attention to the frequency in which you wash your hair.  At Feminine Attractions we recommend that you wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy.  But if you want to maintain the formation of the lemonade cornrows and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged.

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