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Welcome to Feminine Attractions, your go-to braiding salon for stunning and stylish hairstyles. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of small feed-in ponytails and how they can transform your look. Whether you're looking for a protective style or want to add some flair to your everyday hairdo, small feed-in ponytails offer a versatile and elegant solution. From understanding what small feed-in ponytails are to maintenance tips and styling ideas, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

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What Are Small Feed-In Ponytails?

Small feed-in ponytails are a type of braiding hairstyle that combines the benefits of both ponytails and feed-in braids. This technique involves gradually adding small sections of hair extensions to create a fuller and more voluminous ponytail. The extensions are seamlessly blended with your natural hair, resulting in a natural and elegant look. Small feed-in ponytails are particularly popular among African American hairstyles and offer numerous advantages, including protection, low maintenance, versatility, and convenience.

Feminine Attractions: Your Source for Small Feed-In Ponytails

At Feminine Attractions, we specialize in creating stunning small feed-in ponytails that enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Our experienced stylists are skilled in the art of braiding and understand the intricacies of small feed-in ponytails. We take pride in using high-quality hair extensions and paying attention to every detail, ensuring that you leave our salon with a hairstyle that exceeds your expectations. With our expertise and passion for hair, we guarantee an exceptional experience at Feminine Attractions.

Services Offered at Feminine Attractions

When you visit Feminine Attractions, you can expect a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Here are some of the services we offer for small feed-in ponytails:



Before we begin the hair styling process, we provide a thorough consultation to understand your preferences, hair type, and desired outcome. Our stylists will guide you in choosing the perfect small feed-in ponytail style that enhances your features and suits your lifestyle.

Hair Preparation

Hair Preparation

We ensure that your natural hair is thoroughly cleansed, detangled, and prepared for the small feed-in ponytail installation. This step is crucial in achieving a seamless and long-lasting hairstyle.

Feed-In Technique

Feed-In Technique

Our stylists are experts in the feed-in technique, which involves gradually adding small sections of hair extensions to your natural hair. This technique creates a fuller and more voluminous ponytail while maintaining a natural appearance.



At Feminine Attractions, we understand that every one has unique preferences. We offer customization options for small feed-in ponytails, including the length, thickness, and type of hair extensions used. This ensures that your hair style reflects your personal style and enhances your natural beauty.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Once the small feed-in ponytail is complete, our stylists carefully style and shape the ponytail to perfection. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your hair style looks flawless and complements your facial features.

Why Choose Small Feed-In Ponytails?

Small feed-in ponytails offer numerous benefits that make them an excellent choice for any occasion. Here are some reasons why you should consider small feed-in ponytails for your next hairstyle:


Small feed-in ponytails provide excellent protection for your natural hair. By braiding your hair and adding extensions, you minimize the exposure of your hair to styling tools, harsh weather conditions, and daily wear and tear. This promotes healthier and stronger hair in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, small feed-in ponytails require minimal maintenance. You can enjoy the convenience of not having to style your hair daily, allowing you to save time and effort. Additionally, small feed-in ponytails can be easily main tained with regular cleansing and moisturizing routines.


Small feed-in ponytails offer endless possibilities when it comes to styling. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated look or want to experiment with intricate designs, small feed-in ponytails can be customized to suit your desired style. You can easily switch up your look without the need to take out your braids.


If you're always on the go or prefer a hassle-free morning routine, small feed-in ponytails are the perfect choice. With their low maintenance nature, you can wake up with a stylish and put-together hairstyle without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Perfect For All Hair Types

Small feed-in ponytails work well on all hair types, whether your hair is short, long, curly, or straight. Our expert stylists at Feminine Attractions have experience working with various hair textures and will ensure that your small feed-in ponytail suits your unique hair type.


Compared to other hair extension options, small feed-in ponytails are a relatively affordable choice. At Feminine Attractions, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. You can achieve a stunning and long-lasting hairstyle without breaking the bank.


With proper maintenance and care, small feed-in ponytails can last for several weeks. The duration of the hairstyle depends on your hair growth rate and how well you follow our maintenance tips. By following our guidelines, you can enjoy your small feed-in ponytail for an extended period, saving you time and effort.

Maintenance Tips for Small Feed-In Ponytails

To ensure that your small feed-in ponytail remains beautiful and intact, it's essential to follow proper maintenance routines. Here are some tips to help you maintain your small feed-in ponytail:

01.Cleansing: Regularly cleanse your small feed-in ponytail using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Be careful to avoid excessive manipulation or rubbing, as this can cause frizz and damage the hairstyle. Use a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo to keep your hair and scalp healthy.
02.Moisturizing: Hydrate your small feed-in ponytail by applying a lightweight leave-in conditioner or moisturizing spray. This will help prevent dryness and keep your hair extensions looking fresh and vibrant.
03.Protective Styling at Night: Before going to bed, wrap your small feed-in ponytail in a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. This helps to reduce friction and prevent frizz, ensuring that your hairstyle remains in tact.
04.Avoid Excessive Heat: Excessive heat can damage your small feed-in ponytail and cause the hair extensions to be come brittle. Limit the use of heat styling tools and always use a heat protectant spray when necessary.
05.Regular Maintenance Appointments: Visit Feminine Attractions periodically for maintenance appointments. Our experienced stylists will assess the condition of your small feed-in ponytail, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure that your hairstyle remains flawless.

By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of yoursmall feed-in ponytail and keep it looking fabulous.

Styling Ideas for Small Feed-In Ponytails

Small feed-in ponytails offer endless possibilities for styling and customization. Whether you're attending a formal event or want a chic everyday look, here are some styling ideas to inspire you:

01.High and Sleek Ponytail: Achieve a sophisticated and polished look with a high and sleek small feed-in ponytail. Gather your braided extensions into a high ponytail, ensuring that the hair is smooth and free of any bumps. Use a small section of hair to wraparound the base of the ponytail, concealing the elastic band. This style is perfect for formal occasions and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.
02.Side Swept Ponytail: For a romantic and feminine look, opt for a side-swept small feed-in ponytail. Create your ponytail slightly off-center, allowing the braided extensions to cascade over one shoulder. Use a comb or your fingers to gently sweep the hair to the side, creating a soft and effortless look. This style is versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal events.
03.Braided Detail Ponytail: Add some intricate detailing to your small feed-in ponytail by incorporating braids. Create small braids along the base of the ponytail or weave them throughout the length of the ponytail for an eye-catching effect. This style adds texture and dimension to your hairstyle, making it a statement look for special occasions.
04.Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail: For a trendy and youthful look, try a half-up half-down small feed-in ponytail. Gather the top half of your braided extensions and secure them into a ponytail, leaving the bottom half loose. This style combines the elegance of a ponytail with the flow and movement of loose hair, creating a balanced and stylish look.

Experiment with these styling ideas and let your creativity shine. At Feminine Attractions, our expert stylists can bring your vision to life and create a small feed-in ponytail that turns heads.

FAQs About Small Feed-In Ponytails

What are small feed-in ponytail braids?
Small feed-in ponytail braids are a type of protective hairstyle where small sections of hair are gradually added to create neat and sleek feed in cornrows that converge into a ponytail.
Why should I consider getting small feed-in ponytail braids in Houston?
Small feed-in ponytail braids are not only stylish but also help protect your natural hair from damage caused by daily manipulation and environmental factors. They can also save you time in your daily hair routine.
How long does the installation process take?
The duration of the installation process can vary depending on your hair's length and thickness, but on average, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to complete.
Do I need to have a certain hair length to get these braids?
Small feed-in ponytail braids can be achieved with various hair lengths, but it's generally recommended to have at least 3 to 4 inches of hair for a secure and long-lasting style.
How long can I keep small feed-in ponytail braids in my hair?
With proper care and maintenance, small feed-in ponytail braids can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. It's essential to follow the aftercare instructions to prolong their lifespan.
Will the braids damage my natural hair?
When installed correctly by a skilled stylist, small feed-in ponytail braids should not cause any damage to your natural hair. In fact, they can promote healthy hair growth by minimizing daily manipulation.
How should I care for my small feed-in ponytail braids?
To maintain your braids, you should gently wash your scalp and braids with a diluted sulfate-free shampoo, moisturize your scalp regularly, and wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf at night to reduce friction.
Can I exercise or swim with these braids?
Yes, you can still participate in physical activities while wearing small feed-in ponytail braids. However, it's best to tie your hair up to minimize tangling and wash your scalp afterward to remove sweat and chlorine after swimming.

If you have any further questions or concerns, our team at Feminine Attractions is here to assist you. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that you have all the information you need to make in formed decisions about your hairstyle.

Your Small Feed-In Ponytail Transformation

If you're ready to elevate your style with a small feed-in ponytail, visit Feminine Attractions and let our expert stylists work their magic. We offer a range of customization options, ensuring that your small feed-in ponytail reflects your unique personality and enhances your natural beauty. With our passion for hair and commitment to excellence, we guarantee a transformative experience that leaves you feeling empowered and confident.

Contact Feminine Attractions today to book a consultation and embark ony our small feed-in ponytail journey. Let us be your trusted partner in creating hair styles that make you feel beautiful, inside and out.

Transform your look with small feed-in ponytails at Feminine Attractions, your premier destination for stunning and stylish hairstyles. Book your appointment today and embrace a hairstyle that showcases your unique beauty.

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