Who is Blessing May?

Simply put, Blessing May is a hardworking young lady who has been striving for success since the very young age of 15. As a former track and field scholarship student athlete, she has always had both the discipline and mentality to do things in a structured manner. Not only does she have the physical ability to endure several long hours of hard work, but she also has the mental strength to do so. She has garnered the proper experience from all the hard work she has done over the years to give her clients the best hair they could possibly ask for.

That discipline of hers spilled into her ability to run a company like Feminine Attractions. With over 25 stylists and 2 locations, she has managed to obtain such an amazing structure, which has allowed her business to flourish since 2014. She is not new to the beauty business and is more than happy to show you all the experience she has gained over the years.

Gathering all the knowledge she has gained from her many years in the beauty field, May has decided to share this knowledge of hers by shifting to the sales side of things. She has been retired from braiding since 2018 but her salon is remains top-tier.

About Us

Professional hair styling, amazing customer service, stunning unique looks, and proper hair care tips are all things Blessing May is known for providing to her clients.

About Us

About Feminine Attractions

Feminine Attractions is one of the best braiding shops in the nation. We provide excellent services and we also have a reputation of being reliable and clutch.

With a staff of over 25 braiders, we aim to please our customers with quality braids and fast services. We are open from 6am to 10pm.

We are really well-known for our braids, but our other services as just as great. Twists, locs, and crochets are our specialties as well. You will leave the salon happier than ever with your new hair. Our customers are always satisfied and we try our best to meet their needs and do everything we possibly can to make them comfortable and satisfied with their experience.

We supply the hair for almost any style out there. You can pay for your hair appointment with your debit card when your hair service is complete. Your stylist will let you know exactly what to purchase and what suits you best.

We want to make sure you look the best you possibly could. The price ranges for the hair are listed under each style, just so you have an estimate of how much your hair will be. Don't forget to bring cash for the service and use your debit card to pay for the hair service. If you would rather bring your own hair, make sure you select the color you're bringing online. We are more than happy to help you with everything and are more than ready to answer any questions you may have.

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