Goddess Locs Hair Braids

With a tempting name like that, what exactly are goddess locs?

Goddess locs, also known as Goddess Faux Locs or Faux locs, are a Bohemian-styled variation of faux locs. Depending on the type of hair you have, the hairstyle may differ. One of this style’s basic elements is having a slight curl at the ends or throughout the locs. Goddess locs can look good on pretty much everyone. However, if you have weak or damaged hair with thinner hair on the edges, we would advise you to get other hairstyles so that you do not ruin your hair. Do not worry, though, for during our consultation, we will go through all the details to give you best suited hairstyle for yourself and your hair.

Goddess locs are one of the many protective styles we offer. As the name suggests, protective styles maintain your natural hair well and shield it from extreme heat and cold, which may lead to dehydrated hair, causing your hair to be much weaker, resulting in hair breakage. Goddess locs are the ideal hairstyle when it comes to creating a blend between effortless and cool.

What exactly distinguishes goddess locs from regular locs? The only added element in goddess locs are the curls added to the ends of the hair. These curls are generally made either with kinky Marley hair or synthetic extensions. These curls accentuate the “undone” effect of the locs, emphasizing the natural beauty of your locs and their natural messiness. Beauty lies in the imperfections around us, and sometimes it feels so good to just let go and enjoy yourself without overthinking about every minor mishap. Embrace your imperfections; make your imperfections a part of you. Your imperfections what make you so unique. They are what make you who you are. Nobody has the same unkempt locs as you. No two strands of hair look the same. Each one is beautiful in its own way.

What is so special about locs and what causes a key distinction between them and braids is the fact that they have a sense of natural imperfection. This perfect imperfection is what makes locs so special and unique. Locs are not meant to be perfect like braids; they have a sort of effortless feel to them, a carefree vibe, if you may. Because they aren't installed like braids, our stylists employ the wrapping technique instead of the crochet method, which involves cornrowing your natural hair and attaching extensions.

Goddess Locs
Goddess Locs

The faux locs are created by braiding your natural hair first, then wrapping extensions around each braid. Even though the crochet approach is quicker (it normally takes four to five hours), the wrapping technique is more seamless, giving your locs a more natural appearance. They look great and last for a long time. Locs even look as though they’re part of your own natural hair and do not look synthetic or out of place at all.

When it comes to styling your locs, the possibilities are pretty much endless. From space buns to crunching your hair up to even tying it up in a Bohemian bun, you can style your locs in different ways for different occasions. Whether you have a professional business meeting, a night out with the girls, or just a casual day at the beach, your goddess locs can be styled in various ways, fitting each of these occasions really well.

As usual, our hairstylists at Feminine attractions would never let you leave before providing specific care strategies to encourage your hair's health and length retention, since starter goddess locs are high maintenance at first. For this reason, as you begin your starter goddess locs journey, you should consider some tips shared by our hairstylists: you first need to allow it to grow with little manipulation because your locs are the frailest in their initial stage, so it's important to touch your hair as little as possible and allow it to grow freely. Moreover, you should use a very small amount of hair products during this stage because the excessive use of these products will cause your locs to unravel. However, it is recommended to use natural oils since they will prevent your goddess locs from getting dry and will help your scalp maintain its moisture.

It is also essential to pay attention to how often you wash your hair, as you need to wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy. However, if you want to maintain the formation of the goddess locs and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged and preferred.

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