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Ever dreamed of rocking a hairstyle that makes you feel like a divine goddess? Well, look no further! Goddess locs are the trendiest hairstyle to make you feel like the powerful, bold queen you were born to be. Here at Feminine Attractions, we're all about making your hair dreams come true.

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What Are Goddess Locs?

Goddess locs are a type of faux loc style that leaves the last few inches of hair curled. They are a protective hairstyle that uses a silkier type of hair and has loose curly ends. The hairstyle can vary depending on the type of hair chosen. It's common for the style to have a bit of a curl throughout the loc or at the ends.

Goddess locs are inspired by Lisa Bonet's natural locs and made popular as a protective style by trichologist Dr. Kari Williams. They have a more bohemian feel to them compared to traditional loc styles.

30 Different Styles For Goddess locs Hairstyles

Goddess locs are one of the most protective hairstyles you can wear. They are one of the most luxurious loc hairstyles and generally provide the longest-lasting hold. Typically, goddess locs last 2-3 months.

01.Short Faux Locs Bob: Short Faux Locs Bob: Faux Locs cut at bob length for a classic and manageable style.
02.Blonde Faux Locs: Faux locs in blonde shades create a distinct and bold look.
03.Waist-Length Faux Loc: Long faux locs that reach down to the waist, offering a dramatic and eye-catching aesthetic.
04.Faux Locs with Marley Hair: Faux locs created using Marley hair to mimic natural Afro-textured hair.
05.Jumbo Faux Locs: Faux locs that are larger in size, making for a striking, voluminous look.
06.Curly-Ended Faux Locs: Faux locs with curls at the ends, lenda unique texture and style.
07.Faux Locs with Undercut: Faux locs styled with an undercut for an edgy and modern look.
08.Faux Locs with Side Shave: Faux locs combined with one or both sides shaved for a daring and bold look.
09.Thin Faux Locs: Faux locs that are thinner and smaller, providing a more understated and delicate appearance.
10.Two-Tone Faux Locs: Faux locs with two different colors, create a unique and contrasting look.
11.Faux Locs in a High Bun: Faux locs styled in a high bun for a neat and elegant look.
12.Faux Locs in a Low Bun: Faux locs gathered into a low bun for a more casual and relaxed aesthetic.
13.Half-Up, Half-Down Faux Locs: Faux Locs styled half-up and half-down for a versatile and trendy look.
14.Faux Locs Ponytail: Faux locs gathered into a ponytail, offering a sporty and chic look.
15.Crochet Faux Locs: Faux locs installed using the crochet method, which can be faster and easier on the scalp.
16.Faux Locs with Beads and Accessories: Faux Locs are adorned with beads, rings, and other accessories to add personal flair.
17.Faux Locs with Wrapped Yarn: Faux Locs wrapped in yarn for added texture and color variation.
18.Ombre Faux Locs: Faux locs that gradually change color from roots to ends, giving a trendy ombre effect.
19.Rainbow Faux Locs: Faux locs dyed in multiple colors to create a vibrant, rainbow-like appearance.
20.Mohawk Style Faux Locs: Faux locs styled into a mohawk shape for a rockstar-esque look.
21.Faux Locs Updo: Faux locs styled in an updo, ideal for formal occasions.
22.Faux Locs with Bangs: Faux locs styled with bangs, providea fun twist on the classic look.
23.Faux Locs with Loose Ends: Faux Locs with ends left loose, adda bohemian and relaxed vibe.
24.Wavy Faux Locs: Faux locs styled with waves, offering a softer and more romantic look.
25.Bohemian Faux Locs: Faux locs styled in a boho, carefree manner with a mix of locs and loose hair.
26.Space Buns Faux Locs: Faux locs styled into two buns, often referred to as "space buns", for a cute and playful look.
27.Red Faux Locs: Faux Locs dyed in shades of red for a bold and fiery look.

Experience the Allure of Goddess Locs

Goddess locs, or faux locs for the uninitiated, are a chic and boho-inspired variation of traditional locs. They’re designed with a slight curl at the ends or throughout the locs, giving you that effortless and carefree vibe that'll have heads turning everywhere you go.

The best part? Goddess locs aren't just here to make you look fabulous-they serve as a perfect protective style too. That means they help maintain your natural hair by shielding it from harsh weather conditions that can leave it weak and prone to breakage. So not only will you feel like a total goddess, but your hair will be thanking you too!

Embrace Your Beautiful Mess

Now, what sets goddess locs apart from your regular locs? It's all in the curls, girl! These loose curls at the ends of the hair are usually created using kinky Marley hair or synthetic extensions. The curls add that extra touch of "undone" charm and natural beauty to your locs-think of them as perfectly imperfect.

Why strive for perfection when you can look stunning in your beautiful mess? Goddess locs celebrate your uniqueness and individuality by showing off those natural imperfections we all have. Remember, no two strands of hair are alike-and that's what makes them so enchanting.

Styling Your Goddess Locs

Styling Your Goddess Locs

Prepare for some serious hair envy because once you've got goddess locs installed by the team at Feminine Attractions, there's no limit to the fabulous hairstyles you can create. Rock some space buns for a fun night out, twist your locs into an elegant updo for a professional meeting, or let them flow freely for a relaxed day at the beach-no matter the occasion, your goddess locs have got you covered.

Tips from Our Stylists at Feminine Attractions

Of course, we wouldn't let you embark on your goddess locs journey without some expert advice from our talented stylists. Some essential tips for maintaining your locs during their initial stages include:

Allow your locs to grow with minimal manipulation-they're most fragile at the beginning, so try not to touch them too much.

Use a small amount of hair products to avoid unraveling. Stick to natural oils as they'll keep your locs moisturized and healthy.

Wash your hair every two weeks to maintain its health, but if you want to prevent unraveling, washing it once a month is recommended.

Goddess Locs Frequently Asked Questions

What are Goddess Locs braids?
Goddess Locs braids are a trendy and versatile hairstyle that combines elements of locs and braids. They are usually created with synthetic hair extensions and styled into long, flowing, and textured locs.
How long does it take to install Goddess Locs braids?
The installation time for Goddess Locs braids can vary depending on the desired length and thickness, as well as the expertise of the stylist. On average, it can take anywhere from four to eight hours or more.
Do I need to have a specific hair type or length to get Goddess Locs braids?
Goddess Locs braids can be done on various hair types and lengths. Whether you have natural hair, relaxed hair, or even short hair, a skilled stylist can work with your hair to create the desired look.
How long do Goddess Locs braids typically last?
With proper care and maintenance, Goddess Locs braids Service can last anywhere from four to eight weeks or longer. The duration can depend on factors such as hair type, styling techniques, and how well you care for your locs.
Can I wash and style my Goddess Locs braids?
Yes, you can wash your Goddess Locs braids; however, it's essential to use a gentle shampoo and avoid excessive manipulation. Styling options include updos, half-up styles, or leaving them down for a natural, flowing look.
Will getting Goddess Locs braids damage my natural hair?
When installed and cared for correctly, Goddess Locs braids should not cause significant damage to your natural hair. However, it's crucial to have them installed and removed by a professional stylist to minimize the risk of breakage or damage.
Can I swim or exercise with Goddess Locs braids?
While swimming and exercising can be possible with Goddess Locs braids, it's advisable to protect your locs by wearing a swimming cap or tying them up to prevent tangling or excessive exposure to chlorine or saltwater.
How much do Goddess Locs braids cost in Houston?
The cost of Goddess Locs braids can vary depending on factors such as the length, thickness, and intricacy of the style, as well as the salon or stylist you choose. It's best to contact the salon directly or consult with a stylist for pricing information.
Do I need to make an appointment for Goddess Locs braids in Houston?
Yes, it is highly recommended to make an appointment before visiting the salon for Goddess Locs braids. This ensures that the stylist can allocate enough time for your installation and provide you with the best service.
How do I take care of my Goddess Locs braids?
To care for your Goddess Locs braids, it's important to keep them clean by regularly washing your scalp with a diluted shampoo. Additionally, moisturize your locs with a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner and avoid excessive pulling or tugging to maintain their longevity.

If you have any further questions or concerns, our team at Feminine Attractions is here to assist you. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that you have all the information you need to make in formed decisions about your hairstyle.

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