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In terms of the hair’s anatomy, crochet hooks are divided into two categories: inline and tapered. Because the hook tip is “in line" with the shaft, this has led to them being named inline hooks. As a result, the gap between the hook and the shaft is wider than it is with tapered hooks. When compared to tapered hooks, the tip is more pointed.

So, what is an Individual crochet? It is a crochet stitch in which a loop of yarn is pulled through another loop with a crochet needle.

Crochet hair is amazing and pretty low-maintenance, but individual crocheted hair is so much better. For instance, individual crochet braids are also known as the no cornrow braids or the no cornrow method, making your hair more versatile and saving you tons of time in comparison with crochet braids.

Before you hair appointment, it is important to take care of your hair and prepare it before your appointment. The steps to do so are very easy, but it is important to follow them to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Individual Crochet
Individual Crochet
01.Section and detangle: All you need to do is detangle your hair before washing it. You can do this by applying a mixture of water, oils, and some leave-in conditioner. Any other products will do just the trick; it all depends on your hair type.
02.Shampoo: Doing this style requires shampooing your hair and deep cleaning your scalp thoroughly because you won't be able to do so once you have the twists installed.
03.Condition: Condition your hair to keep it as smooth and soft as possible. Revitalize your hair's moisture that you have lost during your shampooing session. Your conditioner must have several moisturizing properties, including oils and emollients, to revive your dry hair.
04.Moisturize: After the conditioner has been washed out, apply moisturizer and comb it using a wide-toothed comb
05.Stretch out Your Hair(optional): Stretching your hair out will make the crochet process much easier, but it is not necessary to do so. This can be done by simply blow drying your hair

Crochet hair can be worn straight, kinky, braided, twisted, in havana twists, 3d twists, or it can be curly, and if properly cared for, can last weeks, eight weeks, to be exact. Because they require the least amount of upkeep, they're the most practical protective style of the group. The benefit of wearing crochet braids is that they are protective styles that promote natural hair development. Despite the many advantages of crochet braids, if they are left in for more than six to eight weeks, it may lead to the damage of the natural hair underneath.

Actually, individual crochet are not that hard to do. All it consists of is just pulling the locks with the latch hook, which will pass through the base of the various braids, and then pulling the crochet with the latch hook once it has gone all the way through.

As usual, our hairstylists at Feminine attractions would never let you leave before providing specific care strategies to encourage your hair's health and length retention, since starter individual crochets are high maintenance at first.

For this reason, as you begin your starter individual crochet journey, you should consider some tips shared by our hairstylists: you first need to allow it to grow with little manipulation because your individual crochets are the frailest in their initial stage, so it's important to touch your hair as little as possible and allow it to grow freely.

Moreover, you should use a very small amount of hair products during this stage because the excessive use of these products will cause your individual crochets to unravel. However, it is recommended to use natural oils since they will prevent your individual crochets from getting dry and will help your scalp maintain its moisture.

It is also essential to pay attention to how often you wash your hair, as you need to wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy. However, if you want to maintain the formation of the individual crochets and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged and preferred.

Individual crochets may be applied to braids, locs, or even twists, depending on the hairstyle you wish to have. We will provide you with all the information you need and will make sure to treat you and your hair with great care during your appointment. Are individual crochets the hairstyle for you? Come to our salon and consult our stylists to find out! We will make sure to provide you with all the services you may need and ensure that you walk out satisfied with your results.

Individual Crochet

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