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We usually tend to spend so much time and effort taking care of our hair and getting it styled, only for it to annoy us afterwards. The knotless twist is a simple hairstyle that barely takes any time and causes no damage to your hair. Not only are the knotless braids protective and non-damaging, but they are also effortless and look beautiful. You can put much less effort into your hair and look just as, if not more, gorgeous.

The way we look quickly affects the way we feel about ourselves. Imagine waking up every day with beautiful locks flowing down your shoulders. Looking in the mirror and admiring your dark, long twists are enough to make your day so much better and put a smile on your face. Knotless twists are the trendy look that practically any woman would go for. They can be worn by those with either natural or relaxed hair and can be styled in so many different ways.


Just like any other twist or braid, it is important to take care of your hair and prepare it prior to getting your knotless goddess twists. The steps to do so are very easy, but it is important to follow them to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

01.Section and detangle: All you need to do is detangle your hair before washing it. You can do this by applying a mixture of water, oils, and some leave-in conditioner. Any other products will do just the trick; it all depends on your hair type.
02.Shampoo: Doing this protective style requires shampooing your hair and deep cleaning your scalp thoroughly because you won't be able to do so once you have the twists installed.
03.Condition: Condition your hair to keep it as smooth and soft as possible. Revitalize your hair's moisture that you have lost during your shampooing session. Your conditioner must have several moisturizing properties, including oils and emollients, to revive your dry hair.
04.Moisturize: After the conditioner has been washed out, apply moisturizer and comb it using a wide-toothed comb
05.Stretch out Your Hair (optional): Stretching your hair out will make the braiding process much easier, but it is not necessary to do so. This can be done by simply blow drying your hair

The Process

After your hair has properly been washed and detangled, it is time to install the twists. The stylist will feed-in smooth braiding-hair extensions into your natural hair, making the installation painless and light on your scalp. We then do two-strand twists until the very end of each hair strand. The ends will then be dipped in hot water to seal the twists and prevent their unravelling, which can be very unsatisfactory to look at let alone have. Finally, any loose hairs or baby hairs are trimmed to achieve a sleek, clean look rather than a messy, frizzy one that I’m sure nobody would ever like to have.

Benefits of Knotless Twists

Braids can sometimes cause too much strain on our scalp and can be unnecessarily time consuming. That is why twists are so much better than braids. They require little to no time and effort to get them installed and maintained and you don’t feel any pain afterwards. They are natural and protective. You can wear your twists however you please, whether you want to put them in a bun or just keep them loose and free.

Maintaining your Twists

Maintaining your Twists

It is vital to follow these steps to make sure your twists last as long as possible:

01.LOC Method: The most common hair care process, which includes using lotion to moisturize your hair, oil to nourish it, and cream to just hold it all together and put a lot of pressure on the hair follicle, which will lead to hair loss and itchiness of the scalp. This is why you must wash your hair and use a deep conditioner regularly in order to keep it moisturized.
02.Do not keep your twists on for too long: your knotless twists are only meant to stay in for 6-8 weeks, and a maximum of 12 weeks if you do so really good job at maintaining them
03.Wash your hair: it is essential to wash off any dust or buildup
04.Use a bonnet: sleeping with a silk bonnet in will help minimize the frizzy hair


Trendy, painless, effortless, protective, and natural, the knotless twist is everything a woman can ask for in a hairstyle. Come turn your fantasy into a reality at our salon; we are just one phone call away. Joy, satisfaction, and relief can easily be achieved with this hairstyle. We can’t wait to welcome you into our salon with open arms and give you the experience of a lifetime.

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