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While scrolling through your favorite bloggers on Instagram or surfing the internet for new protective hairstyles, there is no doubt that you have noticed the passion twist. They first emerged in the spotlight in the beginning of 2018, and they have been booming with no sign of stopping ever since.

The passion twists give o a goddess locs vibe. This hairstyle was created as a way to combine a natural and easy-to-maintain hairdo with one that expresses high levels of glam. She started this passion twist trend on Instagram and it quickly became one of the most popular and demanded hairstyles in any braiding shop in Houston or across the United States of America in general. This hairstyle can last for up to two months, but with extra care and touchups, it can last a few weeks longer.

The passion twist falls under the category of natural glam, or effortless class if you may. We as women love to always look our best regardless of the occasion. We also love to make it look as though we put little to no effort into our looks, almost as if we just rolled out of bed looking like this. The passion twists help you achieve exactly that. They are absolutely stunning. You will most definitely be turning heads wherever you go, and it will look completely natural and effortless. You will be a carefree queen.

Some twists, like the spring twist, may look too “springy” or curly, almost too curly even. However, passion twists are not like that at all. They look just right. Each curl looks like it is meant to be on your head. Each curl is unique, unlike Malrey twists or Senegalese twists, where each strand practically looks the same.

Passion Twists

What makes passion twists so desirable by people is its innovativeness and uniqueness. It is a new style unlike any other, it is so versatile, and it lasts for a relatively long time. All protective styles seem somewhat similar, yet passion twists break from the mold. You can wear your hair in so many different ways and look just as pretty in each and every one of them.

Passion Twists

Before initializing the installation, you have to make sure to wash your hair, clean it, and deep condition it for miniaturization. Once your hair is all dried up, our hairstylist will section your hair with C parts. Each part will be custom to the client’s hair density for a safer installation. Feminine attractions can achieve twists in three different sizes which are small, medium, and large. After sectioning the hair, the stylist will wrap the extension of hair onto your own hair at the scalp level. Then, after braiding, the hairstylist will start twisting to achieve the S-shaped twists. Now, you have beautifully stunning curly passion twists. This is a long process so you have to be ready to sit on the styling chair for a long time. That is why we make sure at our styling braiding salon, you will be very relaxed and comfortable at the time of the installation of the passion twists.

Passion twists are very hair-friendly, and they are pretty much waterproof, so you can wash your hair or get it wet during swimming at the beach without a single twist being harmed. An additional perk of the flawless passion twists is their extreme variation in styling. You can style them in a high ponytail or simply a half do.

After we have done our part and installed the gorgeous passion twists, our professional hairstylists will teach you how to take care of your newly-installed twists.

As mentioned before, it is a very low and stubby maintenance protective style. You need to regularly clean your scalp, moisturize it, and make sure of no build-ups are there. Also, you have to keep a silk scarf or bonnet to wrap the spring twists while sleeping. An additional use of mousse is useful here in order to keep the frizzy bohemian look. It is advised to not keep your passion twists in for longer than 12 weeks. If there is anything you need, a simple word of advice or an appointment to get your twists touched up, all you have to do is to contact Feminine Attractions and we will come to the rescue! Your stylish passion twists are of utmost importance to us!

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