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Locs can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece. They play a major defining role in so many various religions and cultures. Locs are even used in certain parts of the world to represent spirituality.

Locking refers to the hair tangling and causing the strands to coil around themselves to create “fused units”. The locs can either be freeform locs or more uniform, neater ones. No matter their size or type, it is vital to maintain them and make sure they stay healthy and strong.

Having locs can sometimes feel like a hassle, especially when you have to retwist them every 1-2 month. However, it is extremely beneficial to your hair, especially when you have starter locs that haven’t been properly been ‘trained’ to grow where they should. The process will appear to be an effortless one when you come to our salon, so just pass by, sit, and relax while we do all the work for you.

The Process

Whether you have comb coiled twists or even two-strand twists, the retwisting process will be the same regardless of the type of twists you have. First, we will redefine the hair parts around your locs using a rat-tail comb and manoeuvring it around your newly-grown hair to properly separate and define your hair parting. Then, using some gel, we gently pinch the loc at its root and twist it away from your face. The loc will stay straight and will not be curling around itself. Once this is completed, each retwisted section is clipped and secured. This process is repeated until all the locs are completed and you will then wait for your hair to dry. This can either be done by having you sit under a hooded dryer for 30-60 minutes or just letting them air dry. The process is as simple as that! Your clips will be removed and you will most definitely love the new fresh look of your locs. Don’t forget to keep them moisturized afterwards and take really good care of your locs.

Loc Retwist
Loc Retwist

Maintaining your Locs

It goes without saying that locs need a lot of maintenance, care, and attention to properly maintain them and not ruin your hair.

01.Cover your hair in the shower : use a cloth and showercap to cover your hair when you shower to make your twists last longer. Avoid using an all plastic cap because it will cause your hair to curl up from the steam in the showercap. Washing your hair frequently means that you will have to retwist your hair more often. To maintain your locs for as long as possible, avoid hot showers to avoid exposing your hair to steam, and get a hair bonnet or silk scarf to cover your head beneath a showercap.
02.Always use a hair scarf when you go to bed : tie your hair with a scarf during the night or simply use a bonnet to protect your hair.
03.Always make sure your hair is completely dry : take your time drying your hair. You should first dry the back of your head and the outer layers of your locs. To make sure your hair is completely dry, squeeze your locs.
04.Cover your hair from the rain : naturally curly hair tends to retwist when exposed to water, including rainwater. Simply take an umbrella with you and cover your head using a silk scarf to protect your hair.
05.Moisturize : use gels and creams to keep your hair healthy and vitalized.

Everyone’s hair is different and the process of maintaining it may differ between one person and the other. Between one retwist appointment and the next, it is vital to maintain them to avoid having to retwist them excessively. It may seem annoying and may need a lot effort, but having control over your hair and the way you look can be so rewarding at times.

Follow a routine that doesn’t feel so demanding and works best with your lifestyle and habits. Self-care is a vital part of everything we do, and we should always take care of ourselves and the way we look.

Taking care of your locs may seem to be too demanding at times, but looking at how great and straight they look is such a rewarding sensation. Our salon will make the retwisting process as painless and effortless as possible so that you can enjoy your locs for as long as possible without having to go through the pain of retwisting them yourself.

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