Wonder Hair Growth oil


Neem herbal hair growth oil helps get your hair back to an amazing state of health with its all natural hair growing components. 

Neem powder along with other natural herbs are often used to fight dry scalps and promote hair growth. We only want the best for our clients so we have provided you will an all natural oil that can change your life!!! 

Ingredients: Neem oil, coconut oil, herbal blends 



How to use: best to use with Wonder Hair Growth anti dandruff cream, or Wonder Hair Growth cream for the best results and extra moisture. 


1. Make sure your scalp is a bit damp (not wet just damp). You can put your hands under the faucet and run them through your head, or you can use a spray or mist bottle. 

2. Apply the hair growth oil and then any of the 2 creams as your top coat. 

3. You’ll find your scalp moisturized for DAYS.




use every night as needed. One your scalp shows an improvement 3-4x weekly is advised. 

Customer Reviews

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Joline Guidry

Order came extremely quickly. It’s unfortunate that it was received already open with a teeth mark on the cap and halfway full

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