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Stitch Cornrows

The stitch braiding cornrows date back to 3000 BC. However, it is not quite long before this protective hairstyle became very popular and in demand. It took over the bloggers’ feeds in 2016 and it is very requested in the braiding salons.

The days of classic cornrows, where everyone's hairstyle looked the same, are long gone. Women can now proudly wear a new cornrow style called "Stitch Braids" thanks to the ingenuity of Black hairstylists around the world. This hairdo is more complicated and necessitates advanced braiding skills. If you want your haircut to look exactly like the photo, you may need to work with a hairstylist who is familiar with this hair styling technique. Otherwise, you can end up with a social media post about “what I ordered vs. what I got.” Stitch braids are doable for beginners, but it requires a lot of practice.

They are several techniques to achieve the stitch cornrows. Among the most popular techniques are the traditional technique and the band-less braid technique. Whether you choose to adopt the traditional or band-less ones, both will achieve an equally stylish and gorgeous hairstyle. It is a hugely versatile protective hairstyle that you can style it in a bun, double bun, ponytail, half do, or any other way you can imagine. So it is true that you are choosing one style, but you will end up with numerous other hairstyles with the stitch cornrows.

The cornrows are very long lasting, as they can last for up to two months and they protect your hair from damage and breakage. Since they are very light, you will not feel a lot of pressure on your scalp. Moreover, they last more than any other cornrow. Nothing comes with advantages only, and the stitch cornrows present disadvantages if done incorrectly. If they are done too tight or with using very tight rubber bands, they will definitely end up causing more hair loss, damage and breakage. That is why our stylists are extremely well-versed when it comes to stitch cornrows. We make sure you leave with the highest-quality service and no negative repercussions. Your hair will be as healthy and strong as ever.

So before coming to your appointment at feminine attractions, you have to make sure that your hair is fresh and clean. Otherwise, you will have to deeply wash and condition your hair. Now, our hairstylist will start the braiding and ask you which technique you prefer. At first, the hair will be divided into horizontal from the front of the head till the back. The lines are not only horizontal but parallel and of the same thickness. After that, each line is sectioned into box-shaped parts. Now, the braiding process will start. In the traditional method, our well qualified experts will use hair friendly hair bands at the root of each hair section. However, while applying the band-less braid technique, and as its name implies, the hairstyle is achieved without the hair bands. Of course, in both techniques, additional hair extensions are added to your own hair. Yes, you will have to stay for a while seated on the styling chair. That is why we create for you the most comfortable atmosphere so you will not feel tired or stressed or anxious at any point of the braiding process. You won't feel a thing and you will be done in the blink of an eye.

Our experienced hair stylists at Feminine Attractions will never let you leave without providing specific care strategies to encourage health and length retention. Since stitch cornrows are high maintenance at first, as you begin your stitch cornrows journey, you should consider these important tips shared by our hairstylists. First, you need to allow it to grow with little manipulation, because they are most frail in their initial stage. 

Stitch Cornrows

It's very important to touch your hair less and allow it to grow freely. Also, you should use a minimal amount of hair product at this stage, because the excessive use of these will cause it to unbraid. We do recommend the use of natural oils since they will prevent your stitch cornrows from getting dry as well as help your scalp to maintain moisture. It is also essential to pay attention to the frequency in which you wash your hair. At Feminine Attractions we recommend that you wash your hair every two weeks to keep it healthy. But if you want to maintain the formation of the stitch cornrows and discourage unraveling, washing it once a month is highly encouraged.

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