The Average Lifespan of Wigs: How to Make Your Wig Last Longer

Apr 18 , 2024

The Average Lifespan of Wigs: How to Make Your Wig Last Longer

How Long Do Wigs Last?

The lifespan of a wig will vary depending on many factors. Your wig’s life will fluctuate based on the quality and type of hair it is made with, how well it is maintained, and the frequency it is worn. When properly caring for and maintaining a wig, it can last anywhere from 4 months to a year depending on the type of wig. It is important to consider the care you are putting into your wig to maximize its lifespan.

Hair Extension Length

Wig Type: Impact on Longevity

The average lifespan of a wig will vary depending on the type of hair used. When utilizing hair of higher quality, the wig will likely last much longer. The two main types of hair used for wigs are synthetic hair and human hair.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair tends to feel a bit less natural overall, but the price point of a synthetic wig is much lower. Due to the fibers used on a synthetic wig, there is less flexibility when it comes to styling. It is important to avoid high heat on a synthetic wig and only utilize synthetic wig-friendly products on the wig to extend its life. The average lifespan of a synthetic wig is typically 4-6 months when maintaining it regularly.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs tend to be of higher quality, and this will be seen in the price point, but they also last much longer. A human hair wig can last anywhere from 1-3 years when taken care of properly.

There are two main types of hair used for human hair wigs: Remy and non-Remy hair. These types of human hair play a role in the quality and length of the wig. Remy hair is collected from one source with the cuticles intact and can last 1-3 years. Non-Remy hair is collected from multiple donors, or sources, and tends to last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Overall, Remy hair tends to be a higher quality option that lasts longer and gives a healthier and smoother appearance. The difference is Remy hair will likely cost much more but has a longer average lifespan.

Choosing between synthetic or human hair for your wig can be a big decision. Fortunately, you have options and there are many price points and qualities to choose between. There is nothing that will compare to the high quality of a Remy human hair wig, and it will certainly last when maintained with care. If cost plays a more vital role, a synthetic wig may be the perfect fit for you.

How to Choose Your Wig

Determine the Cap Construction

The cap construction of a wig refers to the base of the wig and how it is put together. When utilizing a wig cap, you can extend the life of your wig and this will keep the wig cleaner for longer. Each type of cap construction will allow for a different kind of look and feel.

.Traditional Cap: This is your most budget-friendly option. It is a machine-made cap, and the hair is sewn into the pieces of material in the cap. This style is durable as well as light and affordable. On average, a traditional cap will run between $20 to $40 depending on the quality.
.Lace Front: The lace front cap construction will likely give you the most natural look, creating a seamless hairline. This cap tends to be ready to wear and pre-styled. The downfall is the cost. This cap runs a bit on the pricier side and can be more delicate as well, leading to higher maintenance. Typically lace front caps cost hundreds and have a wide price range, between $200 and $500.
.Monofilament: Similarly to the Lace Front cap, this style cap is hand-tied to a lace material. The Monofilament allows for the wig hair to look as if the hair is growing directly from the scalp for a natural look. It also tends to be softer on the scalp, giving a more comfortable feel. This cap gives the option of parting and styling your wig in many ways. It is also sold at a higher price point due to the high quality this offers. The Monofilament wig caps also range between $200 and $500.

The Assembly Process

You have the option to opt for either a hand-tied wig or a machine-made wig. Hand-tied wigs can last a bit longer than machine-made wigs, but the main difference lies in the natural look and comfortability of the wig. Hand-tied wigs are typically thinner and lighter as well.

A machine-made wig is also referred to as a Weft wig. Weft wigs are less expensive, but you may find this style of wig to give a less natural look and feel when it comes to how you can style and fit the wig. When making the decision, think about how often you will be wearing the wig. Weft wigs are great for occasional wearing and hand-tied may be perfect if you plan to wear your wig consistently.

How to Maintain Your Wig

The maintenance and storage of your wig control the lifespan. When maintaining a human hair wig properly it can last up to 3 years, and when caring for a synthetic wig well it can last up to 6 months. When properly caring for and maintaining your wig, you will give your wig the longest life possible. If you choose to utilize Feminine Attractions Salon, we will guide you in caring for your specific wig.

In general, you can best maintain your wig by following these steps:

1.Wash Your Wig – Typically it is a good rule of thumb to wash your wig about every 7-10 wears to keep it clean and prolong its life. The method in which you wash your wig and the products used will vary a bit depending on the type of hair your wig is made from.
2.Avoid Excess Heat – The temperature you can use on your wig will vary depending on the material it is made of, but you will prolong your wig’s life and overall health by avoiding excessive heat used on your wig.
3.Store Safely – When storing your wig, be sure to utilize a wig stand to maintain the shape and avoid any matting or tangling. We also recommend storing your wig in a cool and dry location.
4.Wig Caps – By wearing a wig cap with your wig, you avoid transferring your body oils from your scalp to the wig. A wig cap will prolong the life of your wig.
5.Brush and Detangle – You can detangle your wig by brushing gently with a wide-tooth comb. Applying a leave-in conditioner can also be beneficial as well to prevent matting and knots.

By utilizing these steps, you will ensure your wig has the longest life possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our wig experts at Feminine Attractions for individualized wig maintenance questions.

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