Can I Dye My Wig? How to Properly Color Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

Apr 03 , 2024

Can I Dye My Wig? How to Properly Color Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

Coloring Your Wigs

Wigs are versatile pieces oftentimes used to change up your style in an effortless and new way. Wigs can bring variety and change to your look. You may be looking to switch up your current wigs, and wondering if you can add even more variety by dying them to fit your next style. The answer is, yes! You can dye your wigs to your personal preferences, but the outcome will vary based on the style and quality of the wig you are looking to dye.

Hair Extension Length

Coloring a Human Hair Wig

If you've been debating changing the color of your human hair wig, this is by far the best type of wig to dye as the process is usually easy and stress-free. Human hair wigs are made solely from real human hair and when dyed, they give a natural look and feel. When dying a human hair wig, the process will be done in an identical way to how you would dye your own. When choosing the type of dye, ammonia-free dyes tend to be less damaging to the hair keeping your wig as healthy as possible.

The Versatility of Human Hair

Human hair wigs are the most versatile option. You can essentially do anything to the wig that you would to your natural hair. Human hair wigs are heat and color-friendly, allowing for a variety of looks to be created. These are definitely good options for those looking to change up the style or color more often.

Remy vs. Non-Remy Human Hair

Remy and non-Remy hair are two different types of human hair. The difference is that Remy's hair is collected from one source with intact cuticles, and non-Remy's hair is collected from multiple donors. When choosing to dye a wig, be aware of whether it is Remy or non-Remy hair. Remy hair tends to dye effortlessly and can be safely colored and styled in the same way you would your natural hair. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, doesn’t dye well. Experts at Feminine Attractions Salon advise against dying non-Remy hair due to stripping the strands and making it weak and brittle.

Synthetic: Proceed with Caution

Synthetic wigs can be a bit more challenging to dye. It is possible to dye this style of wig, but understand that the dye can damage the life and health of the wig. If you don’t mind giving your synthetic wig a shorter lifespan, dying your wig can work for you.

Synthetic Wig Limitations and Challenges

Dying a synthetic wig can be done, but this does come with these limitations and challenges:

.Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibers, and often these fibers do not hold traditional hair dyes well. Due to this fiber reaction, the color desired is not typically the outcome reflected on the synthetic hair.
.Hair dyes can oftentimes require a heating component to activate the color, and synthetic wigs can become damaged when in contact with excessive heat.
.When dying a synthetic wig, specific dye is needed, limiting the color options you may have to choose between.
.Versatility is also limited to synthetic wigs. When attempting to alter a synthetic wig color, the likelihood of causing damage to the wig is much higher.

Though there are challenges that may occur, this does not mean dying a synthetic wig is impossible. Reach out to our stylists at Feminine Attractions Salon for guidance and techniques on the best route to take when dying your synthetic wig!

Choosing the Right Products for Vibrant Results

Be sure to opt for a synthetic hair dye when choosing to dye your synthetic wig. Synthetic hair dyes are colors with synthetic compounds to create natural colors on synthetic hair. When following the proper techniques and utilizing a synthetic hair dye, you will minimize the damage to the wig fibers. Synthetic wigs are more prone to damage especially when coloring, which is why choosing the right dyes can make a big difference in the color outcome.

Choosing the Right Shade

When coloring a wig, speaking with a professional at Feminine Attractions Salon can make your experience and outcome much more effortless and successful. It can be tricky to get the right shade of color when dyeing your wig, which is why we are here to help. If you choose to go a lighter route, bleaching is how you would obtain this result. Bleaching your wig comes with risks for both human and synthetic hair, but when done with experience and practiced techniques, lightening your wig can be done.

It is a much easier process to darken your wig and it tends to come with fewer risks. There are still techniques that are beneficial when dyeing your wig a darker shade, but the negative outcomes are lower. We still advise you to speak with a specialist when dying your hair darker to make the process more seamless.

6 Steps for Post-Dye Wig Maintenance

Once you have dyed your wig to your desired outcome, you will need to properly care for your wig to maintain its life.

1.Don’t immediately wash your wig after you have dyed it. It is important to let your wig color set for around 2 days before washing.
2.Once the color is locked in and you begin washing your wig, be sure to use gentle shampoo and conditioner products, curated for color-treated hair.
3.Stick to cold water when washing your wig. This can help seal in both moisture and color.
4.If you can avoid heat, chlorine, and saltwater, this can extend the life of your dyed wig and maintain its health.
5.Storing your dyed wig properly can also benefit your wig’s health.
6.For the best outcome, we highly recommend following up with experts at Feminine Attractions to ensure your wig stays vibrant!

Are You Ready To Transform Your Wig? Trust The Experts At Feminine Attractions

When it comes to coloring your wig, achieving the perfect shade and maintaining the health of your wig is crucial. At Feminine Attractions, our skilled colorists have the expertise to guide you through the process and deliver stunning results. We understand the unique challenges of coloring both human hair and synthetic wigs, and we use only the best products and techniques to ensure your wig looks vibrant and lasts longer.

Book a color consultation with our professionals today and discover the endless possibilities for your wig. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or simply refresh your style, we'll work with you to find the perfect color that complements your complexion and enhances your features. Trust us to provide personalized advice on wig care and maintenance, so you can keep your newly colored wig looking its best.

Don't settle for a subpar coloring experience. Choose Feminine Attractions Salon for expert guidance, top-quality products, and exceptional results. Call us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards transforming your wig!

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