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If you are looking for a softer feminine look, the goddess box braids are for you. Channel the goddess inside of you with the softer version of the traditional box braids. It is a beautiful protective hairstyle that you must try. You'll be happy to know that Feminine Attractions offers this service in Houston, Texas for your convenience.

The goddess box braids feature box-shaped sections of hair ending with curly and spirally locs. That’s why the goddess box braids will never go unnoticed. They give your hair considerable volume while protecting it from breakage and damage. They are considered a long-term protective look that does not last for a couple of weeks, but for a couple of months! With regular touch-ups and proper maintenance, the goddess box braids can last up to two months. However, our team of expert stylists at Feminine Attractions in Houston recommends that you have them removed after six weeks. This Bohemian look is everything you need to stay stylish and fresh.

The traditional way of installing the goddess box braids is very similar to the traditional way of installing box braids. The first step is to section the hair into square or box-shaped sections. Then our hairstylists at Feminine Attractions in Houston start braiding and adding the curly extensions while braiding the hair. Human hair is used on every single braid, so this method is considered to be very time-consuming. However, this is a wonderful hairstyle that protects the hair and ensures length retention. At Feminine Attractions, you never have to worry! Our talented and experienced staff will know which method to apply to your hair to achieve the finest goddess box braids possible. The only thing we ask of you is to wash your hair and condition it deeply prior to your Goddess box braid session because freshly cleaned hair and scalp are essential for the successful installation of the goddess box braids.

Goddess Box Braids

Feminine Attractions in Houston offers you the goddess box braids in five different categories: Small, medium, large, jumbo, and ombre. The small goddess box braids are made from very thin sections of hair divided into very small box-shaped parts of the hair. They are as thin as the diameter of a dime. This protective hairstyle is very versatile, so you can style it the way you wish, whether it be a bun, ponytail, half-do, or with more braids and twists.

Goddess Box Braids

However, you should be aware of the pressure the goddess box braids impose on the hair follicles and scalp. The second service includes the medium goddess box braids which are similar to the small goddess box braids but differ in size. The medium goddess box braids are about the diameter size of a nickel. They are also versatile and apply less pressure to the scalp. Now if you are looking for a statement look that will never go unnoticed, you've got to go with the large or jumbo goddess box braids. The large braids are the diameter size of a watch bezel and the jumbo braids are similar in diameter to the bottom of a Coke can. You don’t have many styling options with these two. Lastly, we are happy to announce that Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas also offers the ombre service, which is braiding lighter colored extensions to your ends, an absolutely dazzling effect!

The perk of having the goddess box braids is that you will definitely be feeling like a goddess walking through the streets of Houston. They are a noticeable statement style but with a very gentle and soft touch. Comparable to knotless box braids but with a dash of creativity, goddess box braids date back to ancient African history. With these braids, you too can be as creative as you want to be! For instance, you can create your own signature look by simply adding colors and even metal loops.

Once our styling pros at Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas have installed your personalized goddess box braids, we will also teach you how to take care of them. As mentioned before, it is a very low maintenance protective style. Our stylists will advise you to regularly clean your scalp, moisturize it, and make sure no build-ups develop. Also, always remember to keep a silk scarf or bonnet handy to wrap and protect your goddess box braids while you are sleeping.

For more information on the different styles, braids and locs we offer, please contact or visit us today at our Houston location and let your goddess journey begin!

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