Butterfly Locs

Are you tired of traditional protective hairstyles? Do you want to try these trendy boho looks you see while scrolling down your Instagram feed? You always see your favorite bloggers wearing bohemian butterfly locs? You are a bit reluctant and can’t really decide where to get these stylish looks? Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas has the selection for all your braid needs! With us, you can relax and finally get those trendy Butterfly Locs you desire. Our very experienced hair stylists and designers create the best braids and locs in Texas.

The butterfly locs are this gorgeous artistic mixture of goddess locs and passion twists, a combination which is essential to anyone willing to make a bold statement while keeping it classy! They are a bohemian protective hairstyle which is sometimes confused with distressed locs. However, the only difference between the distressed locks and the butterfly locks are the loops that are very obvious in the latter. The butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle which celebrates curls and twists. They are very stylish and sassy, and require very little maintenance. The type of hair extension used in the installation is wavy hair which gives the butterfly locs its look and name.

Let's get started! Our butterfly locs experts at Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas always advise their clients to have freshly washed hair prior to the installation of the butterfly locks. So the hair must be cleansed, rinsed, and deeply conditioned as a first step. Moisturizing the hair is very essential in the pre-installation stage. Then according to the condition of the hair, sometimes it is recommended that you trim the tips for a more stylish look. Now, you have to relax and be prepared to commit to sitting for up to six hours on average, while our stylists in our braid salon in Houston work some magic into your hair. There are different ways to achieve this look, so our hairstylists will find the best braiding technique which suits you. Your hair will be divided at first into box shaped sections and will be braided at the root. Then our professional hairstylists will use a crochet to hook the wavy hair extension into your own natural hair. This can also be done manually using the thumb. Once the length of hair is achieved, the locs are sealed, and voila you are ready to rock the butterfly locs!

Butterfly Locs

Our hairstylists will take a small section of the hair, equivalent to the size of almost half of a pen and create a stylish small knotless braid look. This versatile braid and look will allow you to have different styles to play with like buns, ponytails, halfdos and turists. Feminine Attraction also offers knotless braids in a medium size. This is an absolute favorite! The braids are the size of a pen and are very comfortable, stylish, and versatile. These are a great option for anyone who wants the versatility of the small knotless braid but wants to cut down on the installation time.

Butterfly Locs

So why should you definitely try this trendy and stylish look at least once a year? Feminine Attractions will tell you why. First, we'd like to mention that it is by far the most popular look for this summer! Not to mention the boost of self-confidence you'll get in turning heads while walking down the streets of Houston or how “Hot” you'll look snapping some selfies with your friends to post on your social media accounts. It also requires the least maintenance among all the traditional protective hairstyles. Butterfly Locs are one of those great hairstyles that will give you a very natural look, always ready to be styled the way you want. In other words, it is extremely versatile and suits anything you may decide to wear. However, there are some downsides, despite the fact that this look is absolutely flawless, if they are not installed correctly by an experienced hair professional, those beautiful butterfly locs will not last very long. This is why we at Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas are so successful in the art of butterfly locs and braids and have built a reputation on our meticulous work and styling techniques.

Once we have done our part and installed those gorgeous butterfly locs, the professional hairstylists at our salon, Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas will teach you how to take care of them. As we’ve mentioned before, butterfly locs are a very low maintenance protective hairstyle. All you need to do is regularly clean your scalp, moisturize it, and make sure no build-ups are left there. Also, always remember to keep a silk scarf or bonnet handy to wrap the boho butterfly locs while sleeping at night. The additional use of mousse on your butterfly locs will also help you to keep this fun and frizzy bohemian look fresh all the time.

What are you waiting for?! Contact our experienced and professional hair technicians at Feminine Attractions today in Houston, Texas and let's get you that look you've been dreaming of! Soon you will be wearing one of the trendiest protective hairstyles around. Can't wait to serve you!

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