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Just as their name suggests, Box Braids are styled by having box or square-shaped partings of hair for each braid. They are made by adding extra synthetic extensions to the original lock of hair. The parting of the hair is not restricted to box shapes; it can also be triangular or diamond-shaped. It’s nearly impossible to walk around Houston without noticing this hairstyle, which has become highly popular nowadays. In addition to being extremely stylish, they are easy to maintain, so you do not have to worry about an itchy scalp and frizzy hair. Another perk of box braids is that you can style them into ponytails, twists, buns, and updos, so you are not stuck with one hairstyle! It all depends on the length and thickness of the braids.

Feminine Attractions in Houston, Texas offers different types of box braiding; these options are divided according to the thickness of the braid the customer wishes to have. Our first option is small box braids. The size of small box braids can be compared to half the width of a pencil or a pen. We use synthetic or natural hair extensions and wrap it around the base of each box shaped section of the hair. Since each lock of hair is relatively thin compared to that in other types of box braids such as the large and jumbo braids, this can put some pressure on the hair follicles and consequently on the scalp. However, with Feminine Attractions you do not have to worry; our professional team of stylists will make sure not to harm the hair follicle or create any unwarranted irritation to your scalp. Our main focus is to deliver a trendy small box braid look, while maintaining the health of your hair and guaranteeing your ultimate comfort. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love to often experiment with new looks. It highlights the features of your face and allows you to have multiple hairstyles such as buns, up-dos, half-dos and even a boho look with wavy ends; it gives you unlimited styling options!

Our job is to install the small box braids correctly and instruct you on how to properly take care of them. A correct installation and ongoing maintenance is all you need for stylish and trendy small box braids.

The installation takes up to 4 or 6 hours, the equivalent of a workday, therefore you need to be prepared to commit to a considerable amount of time. It is definitely worth the effort!

Box Braids
Box Braids

Feminine Attractions’ second service is the medium box braids. These kinds of box braids come in different colors and lengths, as long or as short as the client wishes them to be. Their size is comparable to the width of a nickel. The tension on the hair follicles and scalp is less than that of the micro box braids and small box braids, but the tension increases as the length increases. Another benefit to this braid style is that there are so many box-shaped hair sections that allow you to access the scalp easily and clean it regularly as part of the healthy maintenance of medium box braids. This is a protective hairstyle that prevents the ends of your hair from breaking and being damaged. Box braids are also perfect for any type of hair whether it be curly, wavy, or straight. The installation of this kind of box braids also takes up to 6 hours, so you have to be patient and ready to commit to a considerable amount of time. The upside to this valuable time spent with us styling your hair at Feminine Attractions is that you end up with a beautiful trendy look that can last up to 3 months with our after-care tips.

Large box braids are another service that Feminine Attractions offers its clients in Houston, Texas. There’s no doubt that these large box braids will make you stand out from the rest. Their size is compared to the size of a watch bezel, so will definitely be making a statement. The downside of the large box braids is that you will have less access to your scalp since the box-shaped sections of hair are larger. So, the after-care here is very crucial by cleaning and rinsing the scalp carefully and moisturizing it constantly. The large box braids do not last as long as the previous smaller options, but their installation takes substantially less time.

The last service in the box braids menu we offer at Feminine Attractions in Houston is the iconic Jumbo Box Braids. Who has not seen Janet Jackson in the movie Poetic Justice and did not go crazy about her extremely gorgeous box braids? Very bold, very stylish, very chic, very chunky! It’s a signature for fashion icons and pop stars like Rihanna, but who’s to say you are not one?! Their size is about two markers combined. Fewer hair sections are attached to the hair extensions, therefore fewer braids to take care of, so fewer hours for installation. Very easy and on the go! But you have to be careful with cleaning the scalp and you have to be ready for the fact that they don't last long. In addition, there are limited options when it comes to styling them.

Size Comparison





Size Comparison

Dime Nickel Watch Bezel Bottom of Coke Can

Braiding Time (hours)

4-6 4-6 4-6 2-4

Price Range (dollars)

How Long It Lasts (weeks)

4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8

Great For

Workout Natural look Saving time Statement look

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